Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Student Life: German for students

Guten Tag! Heute regnet es :(
Ich bin müde und habe keine Lust. Wie geht es dir?

I was just watching some videos on YoutTube when I found this one:

I think it´s a very good video for beginners to practice. It goes a little fast, but you can watch it so many times you want, repeat the words and write them down. And the most important, it´s fun.

Ever heard of a project called "Student Life"? It consists of ten videos that give you the answers to the most asked questions concerning life and study in Germany. The main character of "Student Life" is tutor Max. He lets you in on how to find a place to stay, how to learn German and takes you to a German supermarket. Have a look for yourself!

You want to study in Germany? Don't worry - it isn't that difficult to find a study place here! Ten steps to studying in Germany - this checklist helps you!

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