Sunday, March 4, 2012

Linktipp: Quarks & Co Videos

Today I would like to share with you another link that I have found on the WWW. This can be very useful for advanced learners, because it contains Videos and PDF transcripts, so you can listen and follow on by reading in the same time, like movies with subtitles.

I highly recommend the German show Quarks & Co. It covers a wide range of topics in science and explains them in a way accessible to general public. Its free Video Podcast plus PDF transcripts make it convenient to download and learn using this interesting resource.

Quarks & Co has been running since 1993 with great success in the WDR television. The Science magazine is published weekly and debates for 45 minutes a scientific topic from different, often unusual perspectives. The makers are keen to focus on providing straightforward since. Therefore, they are always using the most exciting topic, and provide access to basic information and facts instead of undigested news. 
See it for yourself!
In WDR Fernseher you can find lots of more interesting Videos and materials that can help you improve your German. Feel free to explore.

I also find interesting this website I have discovered it by watching TV with my children, of course cartoons :) But every evening at about 8, before bedtime, presents shortly the news in a manner that adolescents can also understand. You can also find the latest broadcast as Podcast.

It´s amazing how many materials one can find as support for learning German.


  1. Try this:

    Das Tagesgespräch im WDR 5 Radio zum Mitnehmen

    One can use iTunes and subscribe to this as a RSS feed using:

  2. Thank you Jim for sharing this Link with us.