Saturday, January 24, 2015

Online Radio

Hörst du gerne Radio?
Auf Deutsch?
Warum denn nicht !?

A nice way to train your listening skills is listening to radio, no matter where you are. But a usefull way is to listen to online radio or podcasts that also have a transcript. This way you can hear and read in the same time and choose to hear only what best suits your interest.

How do I learn with online radio?

1. Choose an interesting subject and listen to it
2. Than read the transcript and try to understand the main ideea
3. Mark the unknown words and look them up in a dictionary
    (I recommend
4. Listen once again while reading the text
5. Listen untill you understand the spoken language without having to read the text

Well, you have indeed a little work to do, but you will see the progress soon. And of course this will pay out only if you do it on a regular basis, let´s say 20 Minutes every day.

Where to find online radios and podcasts in German?

Under the Labels "Online Radio", "Podcast" and "Hörverstehen" you will find several tipps.
By the way, listening to german music can also be challenging. Take a look at our article: Practice with Lyrics

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