Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bastelanleitung Papierstern (easy paper star)

Hello everybody!

I will show you today

How to make an easy paper star for Christmas. 

Germans love to offer self made presents for any ocasion. Especially on Christmas. This paper star can be made of any paper you like (most spectacular will be with two sided wrapping paper). It can be made in several sizes, you can decorate with it your house, your Christmas tree, anything. It´s easy to make, so children can also be involved.

Of course our main purpose here is to learn German :) So let´s see some specific words.

This first picture shows us what are the materials we need in order to make such a star. These are: 6 sheets of square paper, double sided adhesive tape or glue, scisors, ruler, pencil, tacker.

The steps on how it´s made are shown below:

And here are the new words for you:

falten = to fold
die Ecke = corner
das Dreieck = triangle
einschneiden = to cut into
der Schnitt /die Schnitte = cut, trim
auseinander = apart -  aneinander = together
verlaufen = to proceed
biegen = to bend
kleben = to glue
drehen = to turn - umdrehen = to turn over
entstehen = to arise
heften = to tack
die Spitze = peak

I hope you like the ideea and you will try to make one yourself. Have fun!

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